Marketing Your Cladding Business

Your cladding business can profit from marketing in unusual markets. While you may have a Facebook page and a website, there is so much more you can do to get the word out there about your business. Keep in mind that most shoppers will first look at the “big-box” stores when they are ready to purchase construction materials. That means you need to be inventive in your marketing strategy. Here are some tips for marketing your cladding business.

Senior Centers


Senior citizens are a great market for your construction supplies. Look at it this way – the baby-boomer generation is a huge population, and in better health than any generation of seniors in history. And, they are the ones who will be building playhouses, pool cabanas, gazebos, and tree houses for their grandkids.

Find those markets, and make your name known to them. Go to the senior center and leave business cards. Find out if there is a publication that targets senior citizens in your community, and purchase advertisements in it. One of the most successful ad campaigns of all time was one for a campervan manufacturer who featured seniors taking their grandchildren fishing and camping.

Construction Companies


Make yourself known to local construction companies. They need to know all of the vendors in their profession. Even if they already have vendors, you need to keep in touch with them, letting them know that there is a local vendor who can step into the gap if they have a problem with supplies. When you can supply them with shiplap cladding after they end up short on a job, you will be the hero of the day, and have a new customer.


Join forums of people interested in home improvement. By reading their posts, responding to their pictures, and answering questions, you establish yourself as an approachable, knowledgeable person that they can trust.

Check out hobby forums, too. These will be populated by a demographic that builds doghouses, playhouses, storage sheds, and other outside structures. This is a great market for your cladding.

On these forums, it is perfectly all right to tell everyone that you have a business, and even to tell them the location. This will bring in local clients that will boost sales and build brand recognition.


You don’t have to be a movie star to make videos. Get someone to help you make videos in which you demonstrate a simple project. You can also explain the different types of siding and the appropriate way to install them.

When you post videos, look at other videos that are similar and leave positive feedback. The account from which you leave feedback will provide a link back to your site, and internet browsers will be able to trace it. This increases your credibility with the browsers, and moves you up in ranking.


Post a brief article on your website once a week. This also gets the attention of browsers, and can help to move you to the front page. Be sure to respond to every comment.

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