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PPC For Small Businesses

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an advertising model used on the internet. If you own a website, and allow a company ad on your site, the company will pay you a preset amount of money each time someone clicks on the ad. On the other end, you can make agreements with owners of websites to place an ad for your business. If you receive clicks on your ad, you pay the owner of the website which hosted your ad. Either way, you can end up making money. But, is it a good idea for a small business, with an unknown brand?


Choose Your Term

To get started with PPC, you select a term that you think people will search. For instance, if you run a roofing company in Austin, you might select “Austin roofers” or “roofing contractors in Austin”. Then, you can get Google to put an advertisement on their site so that anyone who type in that key phrase or keyword will automatically see your business listed right there. If they click on the link, you pay Google for the advertisement. If no one clicks, you don’t pay anything. However, your ad will be removed after a period of time, if it doesn’t get any traffic.


Small Businesses

I’ve dealt with a lot of small businesses such as youronlinept.co.uk, and the first thing the want to know is if AdWords would do their business any good. The great thing about Google AdWords is that you can select the IP addresses to which your ads will go. Small companies are often local companies, so your roofing company in Austin doesn’t need to advertise in San Francisco. So, you select IP addresses for the area you will serve. This is one way to limit the number of accidental click-throughs.

Another benefit for the small business is that the most highly trafficked keywords on a national basis are often more available on a local basis. For instance, the Austin roofer may have a lot of competition for “roofers in Austin”, but “Wimberly roofers”, “Lockhart roofer”, etc. may be totally unclaimed. This can make your AdWords quite profitable, as people in those areas need roofers, too.

Another reason to consider an AdWords account is the crack-down on SEO. It seems that anything of any benefit within SEO is bound to get penalised sooner or later. The latest algorithm from Google has virtually eliminated many of the black hat operations that manipulated SEO. While SEO is still important, Pay per click advertising is even more influential in getting the brower’s attention.
In addition, Google will let you know which keywords lead people to your ad. That helps you decide which keywords to bid on next time. And, remember, you don’t pay for any of these services until someone actually clicks on your ad!
As a small business owner, you need to keep an eye on your advertising budget. PPC advertising is a great way to do so, whether you do it through Google AdWords or not. You only pay if you get a customer – how safe is that?

The Benefits Of Social Networking

A perfect storm has been created in the advertising world. It is caused by two things – the difficult world economy and the ease of personal communications. As thousands of people have lost their jobs, they have turned to entrepreneurship to make ends meet, and social networking has provided an unexpected jumping off place for those who are setting out to make it on their own. If you are among those considering the use of social networking to further your business, here are some pointers to keep in mind.


Are you not quite sold on the benefits of social networking? That’s understandable. We’re always hearing about trouble people get into with a stupid tweet or a Facebook account that has been hacked. But, the fact remains that regardless of the unwise use of others, social media is still a major player in communication and advertisement.
Think about all of the people you know who have iPhones or androids. Probably 30% to 60% of high school students have one of these devices, and actually use them in classes to perform research. Now, keep in mind that each person who uses an iPhone or android will use it in exclusion to any other method of research. That means they never see your ad in the yellow pages. They never call information to get your phone number. They never buy a newspaper to get coupons. If they can’t find it on their mobile device, they don’t frequent the business.
Now, combine that trend with the fact that people feel like they have had a personal contact with a celebrity when they get a tweet. “OMG, Justin Bieber is at the MALL!” They receive the tweet, and feel like they are special. With the “all about me” generations of the last few decades, you can use that media to bring in business.


You don’t have to buy space in the local paper, any more, for your advertisements or coupons. You can, of course, but now you can set up automatic tweets, advertise on Facebook, and post on LinkdIn to reach an exponential number of people. Take a leaf out of Spartan Website Designs book, who do website design Exeter No longer do they have to limit theirself to an advertising budget eaten up by glossy, tri-fold brochures. While these may still have their place, you don’t have to do any more mass mailings. Remember the day of the postage meter in the office? Now, you set up a robot to send out a newsletter once a month, and an email once a week. No postage, no folding and stuffing parties, and no fighting traffic to get to the post office.

Get Your Tools Ready

With social networking, you need an account with each of the social networking sites. So, start a spreadsheet with the names of each of the sites. This process is going to snowball, so pay attention to every detail. You’ll want a list of every possible password you can remember, and every username that might somehow reflect the name of your business. The next step is to learn to use those media outlets.

Importance of customers

As initially stated, Marketing is a very important part of business since it leads towards really improving the success of a company. Production rates and distribution rates obviously depend largely on the success of your marketing machine. People have often said that sales and marketing are practically the same but they are wrong, they are different in several aspects. Marketing deals with promotions, advertising, public relations, and sales. It is a way of introducing and really pushing your product or service into the market. Sales is the buying or the transaction of customers purchasing your product or service.


Seeing as the goal of marketing is to make sure that your product or service is widely known and recognized, marketers must be original in their marketing techniques. In this current economical climate, getting the product noticed is key.

Companies must be more focused on their customers than the products they sell. Good and quality products are also essential but the public still have their preferences. If you target the customers directly, they will buy from you multiple times and even bring in others. If you spend more time on the product and disregard your customers wants and the benefits they receive, you will lose your customers, simple as. The sad thing is that getting them back is the most difficult part.

Juggling A Baby And Your Career

If your striving for a successful career in marketing, I already know that you are one determined person, but what if you fall pregnant during training, or your just about to land your dream position? Never fear, it’s going to be difficult, but not impossible. All I should say to you is your going to need to learn to juggle.


There are several things you can do to make your life easier once your new family member arrives, and you need to remember these because you’ll be using them for sure.

The first thing you can do is enjoy you maternity leave, make sure you use it wisely, buy toys for your baby and have fun, it will go a lot quicker than you think.

When you get back you’ll want to negotiate a work schedule that will be more flexible for you, this is very important as you’ll need to have the odd time off now and then, and that’s understandable.


you’ll also want to make the most of your commute time to work, it may be the only relaxation you can have. grab yourself an audio book and make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea for the ride.


Jaws Marketing LLC Begins its adventure…

Well, It has been a long time coming but FINALLY I’m looking down at the keyboard and typing my first post.


I started this website to give my insight in the field of marketing, and to try and get some different perspectives on how to effectively transmit the value of your products to the consumer. Not only this, but to make sure that whatever industry you are in, you are targeting the correct audience. Marketing is a massive part of any industry, and should always be a big priority. Its all well and good paying for adverts and having them displayed online, on billboards or by other means, but is that really hitting the mark? Is that really getting the point across to the right people? These are all things that will be covered over the coming months so make sure you check back soon as I will frequently be updating!