Personalising Your Office and Increasing Productivity

When it comes to office productivity, there are many ways to increase it, one of those is to have a comfortable working environment. Apart from the standard ways to improve office productivity such as planning and taking reasonable breaks, it is proven that personalising your office desk can have psychological benefits and is a great step to helping in the battle for office focus. When you spend almost 8 hours a day sat at a desk, it’s nice to have some items that arouse an emotional response.


Photos of families and friends are a good way to make your desk nicely personalised, something to look at that brings feelings of happyness and joy and brings your family to you at work. Photographs and photo frames are also an easy thing to bring to work.


This can be your own plate, knife and fork and of course, personalised office mug with goodness knows what written on it.



You want to make sure that you have a workspace with suitable organisation, you want to put your projects and papers in the correct locations with the correct storage.  Stationary is also something that needs to be arranged so your own customised stationary organiser is something that could come in handy.

Desk Plants

Of course you will also need some desk plants, they say that desk plants can increase creativity by 15% and help reduce stress at work. Not only this, but plants are said to filter the office air and provide a cleaner working environment.


Having your own custom engraved name plates can make a large difference in the way you think about yourself in the office. If you are used to thinking of yourself as just a cog in the workforce that’s easily replaceable then a nice nameplate on your desk will make you feel a little better off.


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