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Competition In The Gardening Industry

Competition in the gardening industry continues to get tougher in an already crowded market. Part of the conflict arises because of ever-improving shipping methods that can cross the globe in a matter of hours. Your local nursery may feature foundation plantings that come from a foreign country and stepping stones from an equally distant place. The savvy business owner knows that, to compete with other nurseries, landscaping, and maintenance companies, he must have a strong online presence.



Branding is the art of getting your name, or “brand”, well known. You may be a well known local brand. Or, you may have national recognition. You may even be a world-wide brand, which people recognize regardless of their native language. Coca Cola and Nike are examples of world-wide branding, while Ivey Gardens is an example of local branding. You have probably heard of Coca Cola, but not Ivey Gardens.


The internet is your fast-track to becoming a well-known brand. The world-wide-web does, indeed, cover the entire world. What many people do not know, however, is that they can carve out a little piece of the web for themselves and their brand. With proper strategies, you can get attention for your business every time someone in your area types in keywords that pertain to you.



This is partly done through skillful SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a style of writing and coding that catches the attention of search engines as they look for information related to keywords. The placement of keywords in the article, the coding of these articles as they are uploaded to the internet, and the frequency with which you post all affect your reputation with the search engines. As you maintain a good reputation, the search engines move you up in rankings. This can give you the upper hand in competition with other members of the gardening industry such as http://www.lawnmaster.co.uk/.

Social Media


The use of social media has revealed itself as one of the best ways to build brand recognition. Many customers will move your emails to the recycle bin, but a Facebook update on the newest shipment of bedding plants will get their attention.

Social media is something that many people take personally. If they receive a tweet, it is almost like receiving an old-fashioned long-distance phone call – they feel special, like they are the only ones that know about it. That is why tweeting a 3-hour special to your “followers” can bring in plenty of attention. You can even offer specials to faithful customers who re-tweet your ad.

Through social media, the customers and potential customers on your list get the feeling that they know you. This is part of the process of building brand recognition. When people have the feeling that they know you, they are more likely to remember you when they need gardening products and services. They also will go with the familiar name, rather than one they have never heard. That is the value of brand recognition, and the value of the internet in your competitive business.